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VIDEO: Jon Krawczyk’s solo show SMOKE, MIRRORS AND PLANES

Watch EMS ARTS new film on Jon Krawczyk’s solo show SMOKE, MIRRORS AND PLANES at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY

Evocative and ethereal, sculptor Jon Krawczyk’s artwork engages its viewer and its environment in ways that most artwork is incapable of. Working mostly with steel, Krawczyk manipulates the metal to a high finish, and is able to bend and move it into unique abstract forms that can attract and reflect like a mirror. His work finds a particularly beautiful balance between the object and the audience. His shining monuments live on their own, but also interact with their surroundings—reflecting, blending, altering, even heating and cooling—they are not stagnant in any environment, and when engaged with viewers, appearances can be transformed and deconstructed.

Krawczyk, a highly sought after sculptor has been showing his fine art works all over the world since the early nineties. Krawczyk’s work pushes and pulls between the organic and the constructed. The current work on exhibit in “Smoke Mirrors and Planes” include three major categorical bodies of work.

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